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Newly Revamped Shop

I’ve been working hard since 9am this morning with very few breaks (except of course to feed, change, play with, and otherwise take care of the wee little one). As far as my own needs go…I didn’t eat my first meal until 7pm. I was a busy, busy little bee today. I’ve been working on photo concepts for some time now for my Etsy shop and I finally came up with a look that I love! And also one that I feel is versatile and I can grow with. But, because I’m such a perfectionist, I didn’t want to start with my new products. I wanted the whole shop to have a cohesive look so I retook photos of ALL of my inventory. Then I had to edit and also fiddle around with my Etsy banner. Then, I felt like my blog and shop should kind of coincide so I worked on my blog a bit. But there are greater plans for the future of my blog ::wink:: so I didn’t go all out. Here’s a little screenshot of what the shop is looking like:

Le Petit Hoot: New Look

I’m like that book…If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Except it’s like, If You Give a Jill a Project. And I said on Twitter almost an hour ago that I was going to relax and watch Downton Abbey. So, now I am. Nighty night, folks!


Wednesday Wants: Full of Hot Air

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s episode of Wednesday Wants! Last week I shared my love for all things foxy. This week I’m sharing my obsession with hot air balloons. Take a peek at these lovely items (all from Etsy sellers)!

Float Away with Me Wood Square Box by Mmim

Vintage Locket Necklace Hot Air Balloon by jpbeads

Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Print by theFiligree

Hot Air Balloon Invitation by AnAprilIdea

Elephant with Hot Air Balloon Plate by BlackBaroque

From top to bottom: 1. Wood square box by Mmim; 2. Hot air balloon necklace by jpbeads; 3. Hot air balloon print by theFiligree; 4. Hot air balloon invitation by AnAprilIdea; 5. Elephant with hot air balloon plate by BlackBaroque

Wednesday Wants: Foxy Finds

My list of favorite shops and items on Etsy continues to grow. As I look through it, I often see reoccuring themes and thought it would be interesting to share with the rest of the world. This week it’s all about that tantalizing little fox.

Little Fox Coat by littlegoodall

Embroidered Felt Fox Necklace with Bow Tie by KnitKnit

Fox Plate by kokokoshop

Wooden Fox Earrings by bRainbowshop

Mister Fox Illustration by nativevermont

Fox Ring with Diamonds by michellechangjewelry

From top to bottom: 1. Little Fox Coat by littlegoodall; 2. Embroidered Felt Fox Necklace by KnitKnit; 3. Fox Plate by kokokoshop; 4. Wooden Fox Earrings by bRainbowshop; 5. Mister Fox Illustration by nativevermont; 6. Fox Ring with Diamond Eyes by michellechangjewelry

Gah! I’ve Been Gone So Long!

I took an unscheduled break from my blog. For a number of reasons.

I work part-time from home for a neighbor of mine. A few weeks ago she mentioned that she might not have much work for me in the coming weeks. Well, this past Monday my hours were significantly reduced (from about fifteen to five). In preparation for the cut, I’ve been spending a lot of time sewing so that I can kick this little business of mine into high gear. Blogging has definitely been on my mind but creating product has taken precedence right now as my income is significantly reduced and I can’t afford to not work. I need to be able to fill up my shop in hopes that I can start boosting sales to be home with my little man (daycare is expensive and, therefore, not an option). So, my visits may be a little more sparse than usual. But once I can catch up, I’ll be back with plenty of random musings. You can count on that!

Clutches in the Shop

Just a quick update: my clutches are now available in my Etsy shop. More colorways to come in the next week.

Organic Cotton Canvas Clutches by Le Petit Hoot

You Think There’s a Trend Here?

Yep, here’s another one.

Organic Cotton Canvas Mustard Bow Clutch

Organic Cotton Canvas Mustard Bow Clutch

I just can’t seem to stop…

Hello, Bow Clutch.

Here’s a little peek at something I’ve been working on.

Organic Cotton Canvas Bow ClutchThis is a smaller bag that I’ve been working on. I like how versatile it is. And I LOVE the interior fabric. I got it on the one and only trip I was ever able to take to Purl Soho in New York. I got a yard of it and, let me tell you, I treat it like gold.

Organic Cotton Canvas Bow ClutchI was thinking this purse could be used as a makeup bag to throw into your purse, a large wallet to keep things like your debit cards/cash/license/etc., or could even be used on its own as a small purse if you don’t feel like lugging a big one around. It’s long enough to fit your keys, phone, money, lip balm, and more in it. All at the same time. I don’t have it listed in my Etsy shop yet but should soon. I’m also in the process of putting some other color combinations together. I made them to compliment my other larger purses. The design of this clutch is actually based off of a bag I’ve completed the design for but haven’t made a final piece yet (waiting for my fabric to come in…and it should be here Friday! Yippee!). Within the next week, my shop should have a few more designs to choose from. It’s about time! So far, I have the design of this clutch finalized along with two tote bags. Just waiting on my materials! And I’m so excited (can you tell?) and can’t wait to share.