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Wednesday Wants: Handmade Pottery

I love handmade ceramics and pottery, especially when they’re functional. I’m in love with the following items, in particular:

 Blue Rain Candy Dish by ZuppaAtelier

Village Wall Plate by ZuppaAtelier

Floral Berry Bowl Berry Colander by vesselsandwares

Stitching Cake Stand by vesselsandwares

Lovebirds Polka Dot Teapot by Ninainvorm

Super Festive Serving Set by Ninainvorm

Top two images from ZuppaAtelier; middle two from vesselsandwares; bottom two from Ninainvorm.


Wednesday Wants: Full of Hot Air

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s episode of Wednesday Wants! Last week I shared my love for all things foxy. This week I’m sharing my obsession with hot air balloons. Take a peek at these lovely items (all from Etsy sellers)!

Float Away with Me Wood Square Box by Mmim

Vintage Locket Necklace Hot Air Balloon by jpbeads

Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Print by theFiligree

Hot Air Balloon Invitation by AnAprilIdea

Elephant with Hot Air Balloon Plate by BlackBaroque

From top to bottom: 1. Wood square box by Mmim; 2. Hot air balloon necklace by jpbeads; 3. Hot air balloon print by theFiligree; 4. Hot air balloon invitation by AnAprilIdea; 5. Elephant with hot air balloon plate by BlackBaroque

Wednesday Wants: Foxy Finds

My list of favorite shops and items on Etsy continues to grow. As I look through it, I often see reoccuring themes and thought it would be interesting to share with the rest of the world. This week it’s all about that tantalizing little fox.

Little Fox Coat by littlegoodall

Embroidered Felt Fox Necklace with Bow Tie by KnitKnit

Fox Plate by kokokoshop

Wooden Fox Earrings by bRainbowshop

Mister Fox Illustration by nativevermont

Fox Ring with Diamonds by michellechangjewelry

From top to bottom: 1. Little Fox Coat by littlegoodall; 2. Embroidered Felt Fox Necklace by KnitKnit; 3. Fox Plate by kokokoshop; 4. Wooden Fox Earrings by bRainbowshop; 5. Mister Fox Illustration by nativevermont; 6. Fox Ring with Diamond Eyes by michellechangjewelry