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I’m So DIY: Lavender Laundry Powder

Welcome to the second installment of I’m So DIY!

This week: I’m so DIY, I made my own laundry powder. (Last week, I made a chalkboard jar to put the detergent in.) I’ve been wanting to make my own laundry powder for a while now and for a number of reasons. First, it’s cheaper than buying pre-made laundry detergent from the store. Second, it’s natural and better for the sensitive skin in our house. And three, you can make it in any fragrance you like! I made lavender (I’m a sucker for all things lavender smelling) but when Spring is in full force, I plan on making something like lemongrass, lemon verbena, or orange blossom. So fun!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  1. Borax
  2. Washing soda– this is different than baking soda…I thought they were similar. Ha!
  3. A bar of soap– I used Dr. Bronner’s Lavender soap
  4. Grater
  5. Large mixing bowl
  6. Wooden spoon
  7. Measuring cup
Homemade Lavender Laundry Powder
First, you want to gather all of your ingredients/materials [1]. Make sure that your measuring cup, grater, mixing spoon, and bowl are all completely dry. You don’t want any moisture in your ingredients because they’ll clump. Then grate the entire bar of soap into your large mixing bowl [2]. I have a 4-sided grater and used the side that’s one step coarser than the finest side. Next, measure one cup each of the borax and washing soda and add it to the grated soap [3]. Last, mix, mix, mix! Stir everything together with your wooden spoon until everything is evenly distributed [4]. To finish, put it in a cute (airtight) container. Be sure to keep the canister from areas that get very humid and/or moist to avoid clumping.
Chalkboard Jar with Lavender Laundry Powder
To use, add one level tablespoon to your washer as it fills with water then add clothing. You can use two tablespoons for heavily soiled laundry. Depending on how many tablespoons you use, you can get between 32 and 64 loads of laundry out of one batch.

I adapted this recipe to make my laundry powder lavender scented. You can make your laundry powder in any scent you want by using a bar of unscented soap and adding 6 – 12 drops of essential oil in the fragrance of your choice.

This is such a fun and fast home DIY. I almost can’t wait until my lavender powder runs out so I can test other scents. Have fun and happy crafting!


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