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I’m So DIY: Chalkboard Jar

I’m introducing a new weekly post that will be appropriately titled “I’m So DIY.” Each week, most likely on a Friday, there will be a post of a craft, sewing project, or home DIY. My intention is to chronicle some of the things I do here in my home to either have some simple fun and/or make things cheaper than if I had purchased them from a store. But I’m also putting them here for others to enjoy! Most of the projects I plan on posting about will be things that you can accomplish on a weeknight or during the weekend (which is why I’ll be posting on Fridays). If you end up doing any of these projects, or do your own version of them, let me know! I’d love to see what inspiration comes from this!

So…for this week’s first DIY: I’m so DIY, I made a chalkboard jar. This is a super easy project. If you’re on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen a TON of crafts using chalkboard paint. I’m sure this is where I found inspiration for the project but unfortunately there wasn’t one particular project or pin that I can refer back to.


  1. A jar or container (plastic or glass will do)
  2. Chalkboard paint
  3. Sponge brush
  4. Glue stick
  5. Stencil
  6. Paint brushes for touch ups

I got my container from Target for about $8 and Martha Stewart chalkboard paint from Michael’s (with a 40% off coupon which brought it to $3.60). The sponge brush and glue stick I already had on hand and the stencil I hand drew on a piece of paper and cut out myself. You could always browse the internet for a stencil, print it out, and cut out the shape, too.

Chalkboard Jar Tutorial

First, gather all of your materials [1]. Then, use your glue stick to put a little bit of glue around the stencil to keep it in one place on the glass [2]. Put a line of the chalkboard paint along the edge of your sponge brush [3] and paint inwards from each edge (left and right) [4]. This will help keep the edges sharper.

Chalkboard Jar Tutorial

After you’ve painted the first coat, gently and carefully remove the stencil to keep from smudging the paint [5]. You don’t want to leave the stencil on to dry because then you’ll have issues getting the extra glue off of the jar. Carefully, use a paper towel or q-tip to remove the excess glue. My glue stick is water soluble so the glue came off really easily. At this point, you need to allow the paint to dry for an hour before you put on the second coat of paint. At least two coats is suggested. Once it’s dry, paint over the shape again with a fine brush cleaning up any edges as you go [6]. When dry, rub a piece of chalk over the entire painted surface to cure it and rub the excess off. Fill up your jar with whatever (flour, sugar, etc.) and write a label on the chalkboard [7]. And you’re done!

I filled my container with homemade lavender laundry powder. How do you make homemade laundry powder you ask? Stay tuned next week for the tutorial! Have fun and happy crafting!


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  1. I LOVE homemade laundry detergent. It has saved us SO much money, but ours just smells like Fels Naptha. Can’t wait to hear about how you make yours lavendar (or where you find lavendar?) Also, I had no idea chalkboard paint came in anything other than black. Super cool! If I had pretty handwriting like yours, I think I would do that to every jar/container in my house! Great post! 🙂

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