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Overcoming Comparisons

The internet is an amazing thing but it also has the potential to bring a person down. One of the things I’ve been struggling with since trying to grow my blog and Etsy shop is comparing myself with others. I follow some amazing blogs and often put a lot of pressure on myself to be where they’re at and have the same success. The thing is, a lot of these bloggers have been doing this for years. And here I am just starting to blog (somewhat) consistently since July and I’m expecting myself to have the same place of authority in the blogging world. They’re not kidding when they say you need to be patient when trying to grow your readership.

This comparing has also seeped into my creative mindset. I find myself second guessing things I’m doing and once loved. Losing confidence in the things I was once so excited about. But when I step back from the computer for a bit, not worry so much about what others are doing but what I’m doing to make this dream of mine come true, I find my confidence restored. The blogosphere is a great place for ideas, inspiration, and instruction, but it’s so important to not get caught up in it all and let it hinder your personal and creative growth.

Do What You Can With What You Have Where You Are


Am I nervous about sharing these thoughts about my handmade journey and making them available for all to see? You betcha. But it’s inevitable to have these moments of weakness. The question is: do I get sucked in to comparisons and crash and burn? Or do I learn to step away to enable myself to grow and to learn? I’m shooting for the latter.


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