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Wow, this Christmas season has been quite the whirlwind! I can’t believe Christmas is next weekend. And, surprisingly, this year I’ve been doing very well with keeping on top of everything. In previous years I’ve been ambitious when it comes to being half (or mostly) handmade and it hasn’t always worked out. But this year it’s going great! I still can’t share the things I’ve been working on though. ::sad face::  As soon as Christmas day passes though, I’ll divulge all!

I’m feeling so inspired this Christmas by plaid.

Found via Pinterest

Found via Pinterest

Found via Pinterest

I made family stockings for Steve, Caleb, and I (which I shared on the blog last week). They weren’t hanging up yet because we were in the process of completing a fake mantel. But now that the mantel is up and the stockings are hung, I’ve got some piccies.

Plaid Flannel Stockings

Plaid Flannel Stockings

It’s hard to see them at night in the soft glow of the tree so I included the shot of them during the day. The Christmas tree doesn’t look as magical though during the day.

I’m also in the process of working on red plaid flannel dinner napkins for Christmas dinner. We’re going to Steve’s parents during the day and then we’ll be hosting Christmas dinner for my family later in the day. Once those are done, I’ll be able to share those. I’m thinking about machine embroidering snowflakes on them. So excited! I’ve also completed two flannel skirts: one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas day. SUPER excited about those! Will share those once I’ve got the whole outfit complete.

What are you up to this holiday season? Have you been getting all that you wanted to done?


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