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I’ve been so busy lately with all kinds of craftiness. And I’m just dying to share but I can’t. Most of it is Christmas related and I don’t know which members of my family are reading. And when. So in an effort to keep things secret and not spoil anything for them, I’m going to have to wait to share details and photos until after Christmas. It seems so far away but it’ll be here before you and I know it. I can’t believe this weekend is already the second weekend of December. Craziness!

There is one project I finished that I can share though. Steve and I have some felted wool stockings from Target (one has a Santa on it, which is mine, and the other has a deer, which is Steve’s). But now that our family has expanded, I wanted us to have a set of matching family stockings. I’ve been entirely obsessed with plaid flannel these days. So, naturally, I made plaid flannel stockings.

Plaid Flannel Christmas Stockings

Steve’s is the stocking in the back, mine is in the middle, and Caleb’s is on top. I said that the project is finished but there is one more thing I’d like to do: distinguish whose stocking is whose. I just haven’t figured out how I want to do that yet. I initially thought about embroidering either a monogram or our full names on them but decided against it. I’m toying around with some other ideas so we’ll see what I come up with in the coming week. I wanna get these babies up and hangin’!


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  1. I love to see stockings that have a wooden initial hanging from them. I think I might do that after our family grows some more next year.

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