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It’s a Frosty Kind of Day Today

And all I can think about is… CHRISTMAS! I cannot wait to decorate. Exactly one more week until I’m allowed. Yes, there’s a rule in our house that we can’t decorate until after Thanksgiving. Steve will call me crazy when I listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies before Thanksgiving but he’ll put up with it. Decorations… I don’t think he’d put up with that. 😉

I’ve been feeling so inspired to decorate. Our theme every year is what I call a woodland theme but other themes have my creative juices flowing.

Like a classic green and red Christmas…

Red and Green Christmas Stairs

Image found via Pinterest

Red and Green Christmas Decorations

Image found via Pinterest

…the fairy-like, sparkly silver and gold Christmas…

Silver and Gold Christmas

Image found via Pinterest

Silver Deer Tabletop Decorations

Image found via Pinterest

…a modern aqua and red Christmas…

Aqua and Red Christmas Decor

Image found via Pinterest

A Spoonful of Sugar Designs Christmas Cards

Image found via Pinterest

…and a cozy flannel, woodland Christmas…

Plaid Flannel Christmas Stockings

Image found via Pinterest

Plaid Christmas Table Decor

Image found via Pinterest

I don’t know if you can see them but hidden in the lower left corner…see those bells? I love them. I love the tinkling of Christmas bells.

I can’t wait to go all out for Christmas this year. We should have in previous years, I think, but definitely this year as it will be the first year that we host a Christmas dinner. Can’t wait!

How about you? Any Christmas-y things out there that are inspiring you for the approaching holiday season?


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