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Inspiration: Favorite Recipes

Could Gussy Sews have come up with a better Inspiration Workshop? Food is my best friend. And also my enemy. I love it too much!

Brown Rice and Black Beans

Image and recipe for brown rice found here.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes

Image and recipe  for cupcakes found here.

Homemade Naan

Image and recipe for naan found here.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Spinach Risotto

Image and recipe for risotto found here.

S'mores Cookie Bars

Image and recipe for cookie bars found here.

Skillet Gnocchi with Chard and White Beans

Image and recipe for skillet gnocchi found here.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Maple-Cream Cheese FillingImage and recipe for whoopie pie found here.

All of these recipes (and a bunch more!) can be found on my Pinterest board. Most of the images on my board link up to recipes although there may be a handful of images that I pinned merely for inspiration. For example, the zombie and Harry Potter cupcakes. And as you can tell from my board, I have a serious sweet tooth. It’s quite a problem.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop


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  1. The cookie bars and the naan… swoooooon. My tummy is begging me for them! Love all your picks. I wish we could have a big cooking party and make all these yummies!


    • I would highly recommend making both the cookie bars and the naan. I like to snack on the naan just as is, warm from the oven. But I’ve also made little mini pizzas out of it. I also think it would be good to cut into wedges and dip into hummus. Yum!


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