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Chatsworth Cranberry Festival

I can’t believe the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival was almost a week ago and I’m just getting around to blogging about it today.

Cranberry Festival Goats

Steve, Caleb, and I went with Steve’s family (his parents, brother, and our {future} sister-in-law). The weather was so nice for being outside and walking around– cool in the early afternoon and perfectly warm by the afternoon.

Cranberry Festival Vendors

And what’s a festival without food?

Cranberry Festival Food

And more food.

Cranberry Festival Food

And even more food.

Cranberry Festival Food

It was an early and long day for the little one. I wanted him to nap so bad but he kept fighting it. But by late afternoon, he finally gave in. (P.S. I love that little plaid shirt. He looks like such a boy!)

The cutest sleeping baby

I love these shots of the Ocean Spray cranberry bogs. Cranberry bogs are so cool! Or maybe that’s just me…

Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog

Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog

Since it’s a little late to ask what you did last weekend how about I ask what you’ve got going on for this one. Whatever it is, I hope you have fun!


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