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Pumpkin Picking and Caleb’s Obsession with Hay

I’m a little late in posting this. We actually took Caleb to pick a pumpkin two weekends ago, not this past weekend. We set out on a mission to find Caleb in pumpkin form (ie. it had to be small and rotund, just like him). Let’s see what the chain of events was…

Mommy picks a small, round pumpkin for Caleb. The pumpkin must personify Caleb. Does he approve? It looks like he does!

Caleb and his pumpkin persona

Now it’s time to take some pictures of Caleb with his new pumpkin. “Caleb, look up at the camera. Smile for Mommy and Daddy!”

Caleb and his Hay

Let’s see if we can somehow trick him into looking up and divert his attention from the hay. “Caleb, it’s me. Mommy. Can you look at me?” Hay- 2, Mommy- 0.

Caleb and I

“Can you at least look at your pumpkin so we can get a nice picture of you with it?” He looks up for a split second. Probably heard the engine from the truck giving the hayride.

Caleb Looks Up

Well, I guess this is about as good as we’re going to get. He finally took interest in the stem but, man, is this boy obsessed with hay!

Caleb and his Pumpkin


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