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A Lovely Fall Weekend

Fall is my most favorite seasonal change. It’s right up there when Winter turns to Spring. I’m not one for the extreme temperatures. I enjoy Summer because I enjoy the experiences that come with it but I could totally do without the heat. I’m SO not good in the heat. And Winter? Same deal. I love the holidays and getting together with family. All of the experiences tied to the season, but frigid temperatures are no fun. However, if I had to choose one extreme over the other, I would totally pick Winter. Because in the Winter, at least you can bundle up to keep warm. In the Summer, you can only wear so little to keep cool before it becomes illegal. Or awkward.

This weekend was a perfect example of what I love about Summer turning into Fall. The temperatures were beautiful and there was stuff going on to celebrate the feeling of change. Steve, Caleb, and I went to the Collingswood Book Festival (in Collingswood, NJ).

Collingswood Book Fair

Collingswood Book Fair

Caleb at Collingswood Book Fair

No purchases were made but it was great to be out, nonetheless. Walking along the main street and checking out everyone’s books. There was also a slew of independent authors there, promoting their work. I love fairs and festivals for so many reasons but one, for sure, is the fact that artists/authors/creators attend them to promote their own work. I love the connections you can establish directly with a maker and their goods. It’s something that I absolutely want to take part in some day as a maker myself.

Collingswood is the kind of place that Steve and I would love to live. There’s a main street you can walk down, with independently owned restaurants and shops. I love the idea of living somewhere that allows you to walk to a town square or main street. We don’t really have that where we live. If you want to go anywhere for entertainment, you have to drive. I hate that.

There’s this cute little shop that sells paintings, run by one man (who is quite the character, I might add): Bavarian Gift Shop.

Bavarian Gift Shop

Steve and I have bought two paintings there before. Oh, and just a sidenote, I’m LOVING that painting on wood in the bottom right hand corner. Of the robot. So cool! There was another one inside but I couldn’t get a picture of it. But when we saw this painting, our breath caught in our throats.

R. Young Painting

At least it caught in mine. I don’t know about Steve, although he was very enthusiastic about it, too. It’s very similar to the two paintings we bought that are in our bedroom but, upon closer examination, I noticed it’s not done by the same artist. And any attempt I’ve made at trying to find the name of either artist has been unsuccessful. Sorry! If I find out what their names are, I will surely update this post. But isn’t that painting just so beautifully haunting? Love. It.

It was definitely a great start to the coming Fall season. One with, I’m hoping, festivals and fairs galore. Next festival on the list: The Chatsworth Cranberry Festival!


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