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Hello Etsy: The Aftermath

So, I feel very silly. I made this big huge fuss about having to get up in the wee hours of the morning to partake in Hello Etsy and, little did I know, they were going to make the sessions available on their Online Labs afterwards. And I’ll admit, I did wake up at 4am to watch the very first one. I would have also watched another at 5:30am except Caleb woke up at that time and needed comforting. And baby tending will always come before watching an online event.

I did catch up on all of the sessions I wanted to watch this weekend though. I have to say, two of the sessions that stuck with me in a major way were Chad Dickerson’s, CEO of Etsy, and Lisa Rodwell’s, VP of Marketing and Product at Moo. Chad’s was very inspirational (it was about finding the courage to take on your passions) while Lisa’s was very informative and practical (branding your business on a tight budget).

Chad made 4 concluding points that I think are short and to the point but very, very good:

1. Start
2. Persist
3. Make mistakes (to allow yourself to make progress)
4. Be true to yourself

I mentioned my creative vices a few posts back. How I have a hard time starting something because I’m afraid of making mistakes. But he just reiterated and reminded me that, especially these two things, are very important to learning and growing.

Lisa had so many good points about branding that I wouldn’t be able to put them all here. But one thing that stuck with me throughout her whole session was the idea of consistency. She said to be consistent will help your brand build itself.

I am in no way a public speaker though. To see them speak more eloquently than me, click on the links below. I’m sure you’ll be able to get some really great insight out of each of their sessions. I have a notebook full of notes.

Lisa Rodwell: Branding on a Shoestring
Chad Dickerson: Finding Your Courage


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