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Getting My Ducks in a Row

I mentioned in this post from a couple of weeks ago that I had some exciting things in the works for Le Petit Hoot. I also mentioned that sharing the details were a little bit out of my control due to timing and whatnot. But I’m finally able to share!

I’ve been doing a lot of research in regards to fabrics and fabric lines that I may want to use exclusively for my bags. If possible, I wanted to be able to use organic and sustainable fabrics for them. But it was a never ending battle with price, as it always seems to be, that was hindering me from finding fabrics that are great quality but also affordable. (And side note: I always find it funny when companies who sell organic products, whether it’s food or fabric or cleaning supplies, charge more for it. They’re not using pesticides on the plants and are using more natural ingredients, so shouldn’t it be cheaper? That’s what I always think. But maybe I’m wrong, you can enlighten me.) But back to my fabric search. I finally found a vendor that has exactly what I’m looking for and at a decent price! Sweet beets! Here’s a sneak peak of one of the delicious color cards I received.

Oh! Look at the beautiful colors and the sumptuous textures. Just looking at the picture is making my fingers itch with the urge to start whipping up some bags. I don’t have any bolts in just yet to get started but I imagine I should in the coming weeks.

In other preparations, I’ve been working on some of the not-so-fun stuff. Pricing and projections. Projections It’s all very interesting but sometimes makes my mind run around in circles. Doing the math, scratching it out because it’s not what I want, trying to find ways to get it where I want, then doing the math all over again. Then repeat that process about a dozen times. My head was spinning last night with numbers and figures. I’m determined though! And as frustrating as it can be sometimes, each time I make headway in an area, I’m just one step closer to where I want things to be. It’s certainly taking longer than I thought it would. Before, I said I’d be up-and-running by August. And yes, August has come and gone and, can you believe it, we’re almost halfway through September. Lists have become especially useful and helpful though (imagine that!) in recent weeks. Why I wasn’t using them before, I don’t know.

There are other exciting things in the works though. Visual things. I can’t wait until some progress is made so I can share them with you! My estimation is that it won’t be until mid-October at the earliest though. But I’ll have other things to share between now and then. You can count on that!


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