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Labor Day Goodness

It’s been a busy couple of weeks (or is it week and a half?) since Labor Day. I had every intention of taking pictures of food and family but, being the hostess while my hubby was the chef, didn’t allow us to take video and pictures like we wanted. No matter though! There’s always next year. We do, however, have a few adorable pictures of Caleb courtesy of Steve’s uncle. This one is my favorite.


But then again, there’s this one, too.


His love of water bottles is so cute! He squeals at them and smacks them and gives them that sideways smile of his. It’s so adorable! We kept joking that we knew what we were going to get him for his first Christmas. This kid doesn’t have expensive taste.


This is just a random picture of me, talking to the little guy. I don’t often like pictures of myself so thought I might throw this one in here since I actually like it. And here is Steve, looking contemplative, as he always does in pictures.


It was a fun day for, I’m hoping, everyone. From the people we’ve spoken with about it, they said they enjoyed themselves. Which is always a good thing to hear. Especially when you’re not sure because, as hosts, you’re running around trying to make sure everyone has what they need to be comfortable and have a good time. You try to check in with everyone but sometimes you don’t get much of a chance to linger. So, it’s good to hear.

Next year, we vow to take more pictures and some video. I wanted to share the food and desserts. My goodness! We had some pretty delectable treats there. I made these cupcakes from Joy the Baker. They seemed to go over pretty well (thanks, Joy!). I think I completely blew my healthy eating for the past month or so when I devoured, like, 5 of them (not all on the same day though). My neighbor made a fantastic lemon yogurt cake (which I ate for breakfast for 3 consecutive days after the picnic). And my MIL’s famous apple pie? Don’t get me started. We each had a piece for dessert two nights after: that’s baking with L.O.V.E. right there. Her apple pie is the only apple pie you’ll want to eat after trying it (I hope you’re reading this, Mom S.!). And, of course, my mom made her always popular potato salad. I don’t know if anyone else is as picky about their potato salad as I am. Whenever you buy it from a deli, and even a lot of homemade recipes, it always has a sweetness to it. Potato salad should be savory, not sweet, in my humble opinion. My mom’s is savory. With a delicious crunch of fresh celery and just the right amount of egg. Mmmmm! I also made another cold salad that I love but only really make it when we entertain. Tangy Broccoli Salad. It’s not complicated to make but for whatever reason I always save it for picnics. Fresh, crunchy broccoli with sweet red onions and freshly cooked, crumbled bacon with a tangy sauce. Then there was crab dip, juicy cheeseburgers, homemade baked beans…

Hey, what time is it? All this talk about food is making me hungry and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Guess it’s about that time! I’m hoping you had a great time on Labor Day with your friends and family.


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