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I came across this website while browsing Pinterest one day and I just have to say: Wow. First off, her Modcloth knock-offs are amazing. Doing the Two-Step Dress KnockoffI’m always drooling over the clothes on Modcloth. They’re cute and unique and make you feel special when you wear them because you know you’re not going to look like everyone else. But they also include a pricey price tag. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not ridiculously expensive but when you have a non-existent budget for clothes and still want to look cute, this may be the way to go (as long as you can source inexpensive, possibly vintage, fabric).

But even more inspirational is her main blog: The Sew Weekly. The goal of The Sew Weekly is that she makes one garment a week in an effort to fill her wardrobe with all handmade items– with the exception of basics, like jeans and t-shirts. And she does all of this while maintaing a home and taking care of multiple children. I’ve already got a few projects of my own going on, which I find hard to even get to between baby-tending, work, and house cleaning, but this task is added to my growing “need-to-do” list. I’ve always aspired to have a wardrobe full of handmade items but it seems so unattainable. But if you break it down to a garment a week (or maybe even easier, a garment every other week), it doesn’t sound so bad. My hope is that, down the road, as Caleb gets older he’ll be able to entertain himself for longer periods of time. Which, hopefully, will allow me more time to work on extra sewing projects. Since bag making is taking precedence right now. Not that I regret my time with him. I don’t at all; please understand that. I certainly don’t want to come off as a complaining new mom whose personal time gets increasingly smaller. I definitely appreciate each stage he goes through since he’ll only go through it once. However, more freedom is just something to look forward to. And in the meantime, I can continue to look to The Sew Weekly for inspiration when that time does come.


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