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The Belated Pinterest Challenge

Yes, I was supposed to reveal my side project on Friday but I didn’t actually complete it until Saturday afternoon. So, yes, it’s a few days late but the reveal is finally here!

One of my favorite design slash home blogs, Young House Love, was hosting a Pinterest Challenge a few weeks ago. I’ve been using the weeks since we’ve been home to catch up on work and housework, because Steve, Caleb, and I were in the Outerbanks. I didn’t get around to reading the post for some time. I mentioned Pinterest the other day but I am VERY obsessed with this site. Very. I currently have over 400 pins. That’s kind of ridiculous. I came across this pin a few weeks ago. Pinterest Definition I laughed when I saw it but then also thought that it’d be pretty easy to fall into that habit. Just keep pinning but never partake in some actual doing. So when I saw the Pinterest Challenge on YHL, I thought, “Yes, Jill. It’s time to actually start doing some of these things you find so inspiring.” (Except I didn’t talk to myself in the third person. That’d be weird. “Jimmy’s pretty sweet on you!”) So, I went through my inspiration board to revisit my pins and came across this little ditty. coaster pin I was up for tackling something small to start with. And as we could use some new coasters, I thought this would be perfect. (Our current coasters are getting a little worse for wear.) I’m also looking to gradually swap out the color scheme of our living room. I’d like to go with charcoal gray with pops of teal and citrine. And as I had some pretty cool Amy Butler craft paper already on hand, I was about a third of the way there. I just had to get eight cheap tiles from Lowe’s, some Mod Podge, and get to work. Just as a reminder, this was the little preview I posted on Thursday. I didn’t want to give too much away.

Coaster preview

After I cut the paper squares out of the craft paper with a mat knife for a nice clean edge, I Mod Podge-d them to the tiles. After a few coats of Mod Podge on top (with drying time in between, of course), I applied a very thin coat of Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic finish. This was to keep the surface of the coasters from being sticky as Mod Podge can have that affect. After all that, I glued felt squares to the bottom of each coaster to protect the table surfaces they’ll eventually rest on. Once that was complete, I came out with these beauties.

Finished coasters

Finished coasters

Finished coastersCurse you, dreary weather! The quality of light isn’t the best because it’s awfully cloudy out. The colors of the coasters are a bit lighter and a lot more cheery. And… I forgot to take “in-the-process” pictures as I was working on multiple projects this Saturday. (Such as, painting a test cabinet door for our kitchen cabinet refinishing project and also painting the wall where the hubby removed the heating register, also in the kitchen.) I haven’t used the coasters with hot beverages yet as it takes a full month for the Mod Podge to cure. I imagine the Minwax sealer would solve that issue but just to be safe, I’m waiting. I’m quite pleased with the outcome though and so excited that it only cost me $7 to make eight coasters (as I already had the craft paper, Minwax sealer, and felt on hand). I just adore these coasters! The only thing left is to find something to house them in so they’re not sitting willy-nilly on the end tables in the living room. Perhaps I’ll make something out of wood and stain it a nice, rich color. In any case, my first Pinterest Challenge is officially complete! And I can’t wait to tackle my next one.


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