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I’ve been a horrible blog mom

I don’t even really know what that title means. I don’t think it makes much sense. But for whatever reason it popped into my head and I used it as the title. I’m sure I’ll look back on this post in a few months (maybe even hours) and think, “Why? Seriously. Why?” But on with it…

I’ve been keeping myself busy trying to build up an inventory of bags for my Etsy shop (I know! What’s the point of posting my shop link if there’s nothing in it? Soon, my darlings. Soon.). I’ve also got some other things in the work. New branding, a web domain, and other good stuff on the way. I’m chugging along albeit at a very slow pace. It’s tough taking care of a baby all day, working part-time from home, and just trying to keep up with life. I usually get most of my sewing and crafting in at night after the little guy is in bed and the hubs goes to sleep. I was up one morning until 4am and another until 3. Such is the life though when you’re trying to get everything done all at once. I also hit a minor snafoo when I realized I hadn’t purchased some necessary hardware for my bags. So, I’ve been sewing together as much as I can but stopped yesterday so I don’t have random, unsewn bag pieces lying about, ready to get messed up or otherwise unorganized. My hardware should be in at some point next week (yipee! I’m so excited!) which will allow me to get going again. In the meantime, Steve and I occupied ourselves tonight with a little something called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

And yes, I’ve just finally gotten around to watching it even though it came out so long ago. I just kept putting it off and putting it off because watching it means I’m just one more step closer to the end. I am such a loser, such a geek, and such a nerd but I’m so saddened by the coming end. I literally cry when I watch the movie trailers. (I’m not joking either…) Ask Steve. He’ll tell you. And as a side note, is that wrong? Is it wrong to be 29 years old and so emotionally involved in a book/movie series? Ugh, I can’t help it though! They’re a-maze-ing. Well, there’s some comfort in knowing that if I am a lunatic, there are others out there who are right there with me.

What do you have going on this weekend? (Yeah, this post is all over the place, isn’t it?) Steve, Caleb, and I have plans to visit Grounds for Sculpture tomorrow with some of our friends from Central Jersey. There’s some rain in the forecast but, hopefully, the weather people will be wrong as usual. It’ll be nice to get out in the open air and walk around. I’ll be sure to take some pictures! We’re also going to go to the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philly on Sunday. Again, as long as it doesn’t rain. We went last year and it was great. This year looks like they’re going to have some new vendors along for the ride. I can’t wait! Please don’t rain, please don’t rain. Looks to possibly be a busy weekend but in a good way. Enjoy yours!


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