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Phase 1: The Sewing Nook

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Ok, so I meant to post this about 2 weeks ago. It’s amazing how working part-time, taking care of a 3.5 month old, doing housework, and trying to craft all at the same time can make time pass so quickly. Not to mention it’s 1:30 in the morning and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to write. And…I’m doing it in between uploading photos to my computer to work on Mother’s Day gifts. Phew. I thought my life was busy before when I was working a full-time job.

My first post mentioned how it was time for me to just jump right in and start taking hold of my dreams. (It sounds so cheesy when I say that.) First on the list was to clean and organize my sewing nook. I figure I can’t properly create if my space is all willy-nilly. Now keep in mind, because of what I said above, this first phase is still in progress. It’s also still in progress because not only have I been doing those things listed in the first paragraph, but I’ve also started making a mobile for Caleb (my little boy) and have started sewing bags to get my Etsy shop going. Actually, I should clarify that I’ve had an Etsy shop for a few years now but didn’t spend a lot of time on it. My listings expired and it’s just been sitting there. So, the goal is to get some bags together and re-dedicate some time and effort into getting it filled with merchandise. Then it’s time to spread the word!

But I digress. This is what my sewing area looked like before I even touched it.

Junky sewing nook

Junky sewing table

A horrible, unorganized mess. I know. It’s no wonder I was always putting off sewing. With my two tables and piles of fabric and other crafting supplies all shoved into the corner with the overflowing bookshelf, I couldn’t even think much less sew anything. One simple fix that helped open up the area was to move the bookshelf onto the opposite wall.

Sewing nook without the bookshelf

Sewing nook without the bookshelf

Not a huge difference but it definitely helps it feel like I’m not shoved into a messy corner that could quite possibly swallow me whole. I also threw away some junk that I’m not even sure why it was there. It was obviously trash so I guess I had just gotten too lazy to throw it away. The next step is now to take care of the materials that I’m definitely keeping and try to find a place to store it with our limited storage space. Yay! (That’s totally sarcasm there; I hate trying to organize when there’s NO SPACE to store things.) I’ve also been on the search for the perfect sewing table to put in that corner but haven’t found anything just yet. See, what I want is very specific. I’d really like to get something that’s L-shaped. The longer side would go where my two tables are now (which would house my sewing machine and serger) and the other (shorter) side would be on the adjacent wall and would allow me to cut fabric on the surface and also house my laptop. I also want it to be wood because I want it to be sturdy. But for a table with all of those qualifications, not to mention a custom size, would cost beaucoup bucks. I’ve been recently inspired by one of my favorite DIY blog sites, Young House Love, and thought maybe I could attempt to build one on my own. We’ll see though. That’s definitely a HUGE undertaking that needs to be planned out.

That’s where my space currently stands. Keep checking in as I try to create a nook that’s functional and inspirational, too. (By the way, if you’re wondering, it’s now 3:30 in the morning as I finish writing this post. Yikes!)


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